• Key Industries – Aerospace

    Baldwin County Aerospace

    With an abundance of accommodating facilities, capable personnel and nationally-recognized training programs, aerospace companies who land in Baldwin County should prepare to elevate their expectations for the future.

    Learn more about the great opportunities we have in the aerospace and aviation sectors.

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  • South Alabama Megasite

    South Alabama Megasite

    The South Alabama Megasite is a 3,009 acre site that is directly served by CSX Class 1 Mainline.  The site is a McCallum Sweeney certified Megasite and an AdvantageSite via EDPA with approximately 1.5 miles of Interstate 65 frontage.  The site is owned in its entirety by Baldwin County. Learn more about one of the bigger opportunities in the southeast.

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  • Community Life

    Welcome to Baldwin County

    Most people know Baldwin County as a great place to vacation. But the lucky ones know: it’s an even better place to live. And once you’ve experienced it, you’ll be happy to call Baldwin County home too.

    Click to learn about one of the fastest growing areas in the southeast and the country!

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Where coastline meets bottom line. Learn more about how Baldwin County can be a land of opportunity for your business.