Life well-lived in Baldwin County.

It’s no surprise that people love living in Baldwin County. Thanks to miles of beautiful coast, classic Southern charm, an abundance of natural beauty and more, Baldwin County consistently ranks well above the national average for quality of life: with an incredible EASI Index of 178, compared to the U.S. average of just 100.

Although our quality of life ranking is extremely high, our cost of living is anything but. Monsterjobs.com recently rated several cities in Baldwin County as having a cost of living well below the national average. High quality of life, low cost of living; now that’s a formula for a great place to call home.

There is plenty to do in Baldwin County whether it is exploring the 30+ miles of beautiful white sand beaches, playing one of our 28 luxurious golf courses, enjoying the arts and entertainment of our cities, or taking part in the many outdoor activities.  From festivals and gatherings on the Eastern Shore and South Baldwin, to the rich, tranquil wildlife of North and Central Baldwin, our area has it all.

For more information about events, festivals, entertainment, and etc., visit our Chambers of Commerce:

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